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KP Muhurat (Muhurta) Astrology (Jyotish) / News: Recent posts

Web site updated with theory and practical information

After a great success of software, several of you asked me to write information. I have redesigned and updated details useful for better using the software.

Please go through and send me your comments.

I am working on a new version with more features of Muhurta.

If you would like to see any special feature, please tell me and I will try to incorporate it in the coming version.

Posted by Astro Open Source 2009-07-20

Downloads reached 1600 from 36 countries

Great success for KP Muhurat software from 36 countries more than 1600 people downloaded the software.

The software was referenced in 33 download sites and 10 Blogs as the best Astrology software.

The reviews by editors mentioned that the software is very easy to use and rich in functionality.

Posted by Astro Open Source 2009-07-05

Code source updated

The code source updated. Can be downloaded easily using either SVN Client.

Posted by Astro Open Source 2009-06-17

Manage Place database

Recent version on wards, you can add, delete or modify a place in the database.

This allows users to enter more places into database.

In Astrology, place has important and precise information of place indicated by Latitude, longitude, time zone will give more accurate results.

Now KP Muhurat software has this functionality.

Posted by Astro Open Source 2009-06-07

Place database added

Good news for users. New version is just released.

Place description has lot of importance in Astrology. To get accurate astrological results it is required to define place correctly.

Now it is possible in KP Muhurat software.

This includes places database of more than 100,000 places across the world.

Now with few clicks, one can select any place and set the Muhurat for an event to be held at that place.

Posted by Astro Open Source 2009-05-26

Advance users guide

Few tricks to add frequently used places to the list is explained in detail. This guide is uploaded in the download area.

Posted by Astro Open Source 2009-05-20

user guide update

More information added to the user guide and added to Download.

Posted by Astro Open Source 2009-05-20

Download crossed 100

Already 105 downloads of KP Muhurat software only from SorceForge.Net in short time.

Posted by Astro Open Source 2009-05-20

Downloads exceeded 60 in one day

The project has got interest for many users due to its easy use and accurate results. Today alone has exceeded 60 downloads. Total downloads reached 460.

Posted by Astro Open Source 2009-05-15

The source updated

The source has updated for the latest release. More than 300 are using the software freely.

This software was developed to make it available freely for astrology lovers and practitioners freely (Free like in freedom).

You can send your comments and views to

Posted by Astro Open Source 2009-05-11