playlists' strange behavior

  • john terragon

    john terragon - 2007-03-08

    Hi all,

    let's say I add a playlist "pl" in the "playlists" folder in the library window and then add to the new playlist some files. Obviously, when I select "play" from the popup menu of playlist "pl", I would like the files contained in it to be played according to the order I added them. But that does not seem to be possible. I can play the in alphabetic order (or the reverse of it) by clicking on the column "name". Or I can play in an order according to any of the columns that can be added to the window (like "length", "video size"), which does not make much sense but anyways. But there seems to be no way to play the files in "pl" according to the order of insertion in the playlist.

    Am I missing something?



    • kiriuja

      kiriuja - 2007-03-11

      The way you describe is how it is supposed to work: the order of files on a playlist should be the same order you add them. But for some reason it's not working that way, in fact the order of files gets completely messed up. So I'll be looking into it this coming week.

      Thanks for reporting the issue. You can open a bug report for it if you like.

      • john terragon

        john terragon - 2007-03-12

        Just submitted the bug report (it's just the cut and past of the forum message).

        By the way, thanks a lot for kplayer. Best kde media player in my opinion.


    • kiriuja

      kiriuja - 2007-03-15

      Hi again,

      Glad you like KPlayer!

      I've put a fix in the CVS, so please try it out and see if you can find any more problems.



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