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Is KPlayer still alive?

  • acidrums4

    acidrums4 - 2012-01-11

    I like too much KPlayer by its simple interface but powerful behaviour. But seems that it doesn't have any update since many time. The latest version, 0.7, is from 2008. I can't give a donation but I could help translating.

    Is this alive? I hope so and updates very soon. Will you add mplayer2 support?

  • Andrius Štikonas

    kiriuja: Some time ago I've tried contacting you (unsuccessfully) via KPlayer page. There is still some minor activity in KPlayer repository on (, some bugs were fixed, so I thought that it would make sense to get those bugfixes to distro packages and created a couple release tarballs. I hope that this is OK with you. But otherwise KPlayer is mostly unmaintained as a KDE project. It would be intresting to know if you plan to return to work on KPlayer. It still uses Qt3Support libs, so KPlayer won't compile on Qt5 and if nobody removes the dependency on Qt3Support libs, KPlayer will die sooner or later.


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