Can you seek forward/backward rmvb ?

Lei Tao
  • Lei Tao

    Lei Tao - 2008-05-22


    Kplayer can play rmvb, but cannot seek.

    Whenever I drag the process slider bar, it stops playing.

    Has anyone got the same problem?

    • lodp

      lodp - 2008-05-22

      As far as I know, that's a limitation of the underlying mplayer engine. I think only Real's proprietary player will seek properly in streams. WMV streams don't work properly either, for the same reason. Been bothering me for years.

    • kiriuja

      kiriuja - 2008-05-28

      The above is correct. It never hurts to submit a bug to MPlayer bugzilla, including a sample that illustrates the problem, whether a file or a URL.


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