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Please Read This

If you're thinking to include KpGen(or already included) in a web site, Linux distro, or any other place, please, as a gest of good will notify me with simple email, so I can keep track where KpGen is. This is not mandatory, but I will apreciate it.

Posted by Alvaro Morais 2009-06-27

KpGen 1.2 Beta 2 is out

The installation procedure was dramatically improved.

Posted by Alvaro Morais 2009-06-19

KpGen Windows Version Complete

The KpGen Windows Version 1.2 Beta is now complete.
Feel free to try it out.

Posted by Alvaro Morais 2009-06-17

Windows Version

I'm having some trouble compiling Crypto++ for windows. Since KpGen depends on Crypto++, the windows version is late.

Posted by Alvaro Morais 2009-06-15

Version 1.0 - Beta Released

I'm proud to release version 1.0 beta. Please test it and enjoy.

Posted by Alvaro Morais 2009-06-14

Version 0.2 - Alpha Released

Version 0.2 - Alpha

* Added system tray functionality
* New Icons (Not Final)
* Fixed a bug that was giving invalid characters when "Ensure that the password has at least one character of each group" was selected.
* Added kpgen_config.h that allows to compile without system tray functionality
* Added Language functionality (Portuguese File not translated yet)

Posted by Alvaro Morais 2009-06-13

Unicode Support

Kpgen Unicode support is working.
Well, I really never saw a Unicode password generator.

Posted by Alvaro Morais 2009-06-06

Changed to Git

The code management system as changed to git

Posted by Alvaro Morais 2009-05-30

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