I just tried KFS-0.5 with fuse mount on Amazon EC2 m1.large instances (4 core, 7.5GB, fc8) with 10 nodes cluster.

First of all, the doc for UsingWithFUSE has an error, in kfs.prp, the property should be metaServer.name instead of metaServer.host. Secondly, kfs_fuse_main.cc has a bug, both fuse_read and fuse_write checks seek status == 0, should be changed to status >= 0.

After all these issue addressed, I managed to get FUSE mount work with KFS. However, the performance is very poor, I can only get about 1MB/s read speed using cp to copy a 1GB file from KFS, write speed is even slower, it did not finish cp to KFS for a 1GB file in more than an hour. Is this expected performance with FUSE? Any tuning advice?

The native API performance on this 10 node cluster using cptokfs and cpfromkfs is about 26MB/s for read and 16MB/s for write, but this mostly is limited by EC2's network performance.