mothy - 2009-03-24

Are there any plans to implement the option to compress/decompress disk chunks?

The obvious place to add this would be in (Read & Write)

At the very least it would also require additional counters.

i.e. These would have to be counter to store the Z data values.

            Counter ctrDiskBytesRead;
            Counter ctrDiskBytesWritten;

            Counter ctrDiskZBytesRead;
            Counter ctrDiskZBytesWritten;

I am not sure how loose/tight the relationship is between the Counters maintained by the chunkservers and the metaservers.  Does the metaserver determine 'ChunkServer X' has run out of space or will it keep passing chunks to it until it fails?

Is the Space property in the .prp files purely for display purposes or is it used?