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KOrinoco becomes KWiFiManager

KOrinoco will have the new name KWiFiManager for future releases. It will be a KDE3 application from now on. A new project page http://sourceforge.net/projects/kwifimanager has been set up and the CVS repository already contains a compilable version, which even has limited wlan-ng support built-in.

Posted by Stefan Winter 2002-06-05

KOrinoco final beta 0.2.1 released


KOrinoco development has reached a quite stable state
and so version 0.2.1 is released. Debian packages are
already out and can be found in the unstable tree. RPMs
for SuSE and src.rpm are available on SourceForge, a
RedHat x86 RPM and Mandrake PPC RPM will follow shortly.
This is going to be the last beta and the last release
for the KDE2 series, ongoing releases will have release
numbers of 1.x.y and are KDE3 applications.
Possibly, the application name will change as well,
since not only Orinoco cards are supported.
If that happens, the information will be spread over
the usual channels, i.e SourceForge announcement and
a mail to the list korinoco-misc@lists.sourceforge.net.
If anyone has a good idea about a name, please mail it
to me (mail@stefan-winter.de).
See the ChangeLog for details about new feature additions
in version 0.2.1. I am especially interested in feedback
about the Aironet strength reporting bug (is it actually

Posted by Stefan Winter 2002-03-14

KOrinoco v0.2 is out!

The newest release of KOrinoco, wireless LAN Client manager, has gone public! The major version jump from the 0.1 series to 0.2 is because a whole bunch of structural improvements happened: now a light-weight kicker applet is in place, in case you want to "only" see your connection strength. All configuration has moved to the KDE control center (after user feature request). You can even automatically set a configuration on KDE startup, with no user interaction required.
The new release is out as src.rpm, SuSE.rpm, tar.bz2 and tar.gz . RedHat RPMs will follow soon.

Posted by Stefan Winter 2001-11-12

KOrinoco 0.1.1 RPMs released

RPMs for RedHat 7.1 (i386) and src.rpms for the current version of KOrinoco have been released.

Posted by Stefan Winter 2001-09-26

KOrinoco - wireless LAN Client Manager: New version released

Version 0.1.1 of KOrinoco, client manager for wireless LAN cards (not only the Orinoco Card :-), is now available as tarball for glibc2.2
RPMs follow soon...

Posted by Stefan Winter 2001-09-13

KOrinoco bugfix / new card

The CVS version of KOrinoco fixed an ugly bug - if you got a SEGV on startup, try the current CVS version.
Users have reported that KOrinoco also works smoothly on a ELSA Airlancer MC-11.

Posted by Stefan Winter 2001-07-26

project entered beta phase

After having implemented all vital stuff and with no bug reports coming in, I decided to make a first beta release. There are two different versions, one for glibc-2.1 and one for glibc-2.2

Posted by Stefan Winter 2001-07-08

KOrinoco new version released

Version 0.0.7 (code-named "James Bond") is now online. You can now change cryptography settings and configure your power management settings.

Posted by Stefan Winter 2001-06-25

CVS tree imported for KOrinoco

CVS support for KOrinoco is now online. The repository currently contains a 0.0.7-pre version.
The final 0.0.7 will be going public at the beginning of next week.

Posted by Stefan Winter 2001-06-24

next version will be on-line on monday

Version 0.0.6 will be going public on next monday, 18/06/2001. It will include a statistics viewer for noise/signal level. Possibly the name of the package might change, as I plan to support not only Orinoco cards but as well others.

Posted by Stefan Winter 2001-06-16

Upcoming new version

Version 0.0.5 will be going online this weekend. It has substantial improvements, e.g. the ability to change the active network on-the-fly. Stay sharp.

Posted by Stefan Winter 2001-06-14