Check-out by multiple users

  • Uday

    Uday - 2011-07-13

      I am newbie in version control. I have question. Lets say user A and user B check-out a same file, lets say temp_00.doc  and user A checks-in after he made his update with new revision no. first, say temp_01.doc and then user B updates the with same filename temp_01.doc. Instead of user B getting any warning saying that temp_01 already exists, it's getting updated(overwritten) with user B changes and user A changes are lost. I have two questions on this.
    1) Is it possible for for user B merge his data without overwriting the existing data in same revision, so that file updated by multiple users at same time is maintained?
    2) Is it possible to know what files are check-out with their usernames, atleast to higher access level people?
    3) Is it possible to send message(or email) to certain security level users when files are checked-in by other users?

  • Harun Karaman

    Harun Karaman - 2011-07-31

    This EDMS has different concept. Kordil EDMS works after a document final and ready to publish.


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