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Building Koopa - can we get rid of the warnings?

  • Simon Sobisch

    Simon Sobisch - 2013-07-30

    I just build r125 with current ANT and JDK on Win8 and was confused by the warnings that were shown. Do they root in my build environment or is that normal for r125?
    If this is the current behaviour can we get rid of these warning massages (and how)?


  • KrisDS

    KrisDS - 2013-07-30

    Do you mean the ANTLR warnings ?

    • Simon Sobisch

      Simon Sobisch - 2013-07-30

      I mean the warnings that occur on build. See attachment.

  • KrisDS

    KrisDS - 2013-07-31

    Yes, those are all ANTLR warnings. I took a look at these when I started on Koopa, and you can safely ignore them. I remember trying to get rid of them, but at the time this didn't prove so easy.

    I'll create a ticket to take another look at this.


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