malcolm rogers - 2008-11-06

I've used Koodock for some time, and i wouldn'b be without it.Congratulations on an excellent application. :)

The only problem is that i can't get it to work under KDE 4.x, all i get is "The program name or command /home/malcolm/.kde/share/apps/kooldock/menu/00_konqueror.desktop cannot be found. Please correct the command or URL" and try again type messages.

The address which Kooldock passes along to whatever-executes-the-commands is correct; as a trial, i clicked on the Kate icon, it threw up a "Sorry" message similar to the above, so i copy/pasted that address into Konqueror, which promptly asked me "Do you really want to execute 'file:///home/malcolm/.kde/share/apps/kooldock/menu/03_kate.desktop'?", i clicked Yes and Kate started.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. :)

Warmest Regards,