KontrolPack: 1.2.0 Released

KontrolPack is an efficient, cross-platform remote shell command executor. The project's goal is to improve system interoperability connecting remote computers (independently of operating systems running) and executing shell command across networks.

This release is stable. A few bugs have been fixed and the user interface has been improved. We hope that this release will allow people to understand and get an overview of what exactly is behind the idea of KontrolPack.

The main goal of this new release is to interact more and more with each platform.

Changelog :

JKontrolv1.2.0 Changelog :

- Improvement : results saving.
- New gnome icons available.
- Documentation available on the web site and with each KontrolPack release.

ShellKontrolv0.1.4 Changelog :

ShellKontrol supports multi-threading. (One thread by received command allowing parallel process)

- ShellKontrol now runs in background like a daemon on GNU/Linux distribution, it is entirely autonomous, independently of user sessions and the restart.
- Documentation available on the web site and with each KontrolPack release.

Each KontrolPack release is composed of a server and a client.

To download right now, visit:


Please remember that KontrolPack is still a work in progress. If you are interested in this whole concept, we encourage you to keep in touch with the project by reading our news and regularly checking out the KontrolPack web site for updates.

Posted by Thomas THELLIEZ 2008-07-10

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