KontrolPack: 1.1.0 Update 1 released for MS Windows

KontrolPack is a cross-platform remote shell command executor. The project's objective is to improve system interoperability by connecting remote computers, regardless of their operating system, and remotely executing shell commands over the network.
This release is stable. A few bugs have been fixed and the user interface has been improved. We hope that this release will allow people to understand and get an overview of what exactly is behind the idea of KontrolPack. (you can now get a version of KontrolPack for MS Windows with a *.exe installer and a *.tar.gz option for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X users.)
The main goal of this new release is to interact more and more with each platform.
Changelog :

JKontrolv1.1.0 Update 1 Changelog :

- FIX BUG : connected client number displayed.
- Improvement : command results display looks like more and more like an actual console.
- Improvement : better performance with a new tabs handling.
- Refactored code source.

ShellKontrol Launcher Beta 2 Changelog :

- FIX BUG : Bug when installing ShellKontrol client as a NT Service.
- Win32 user interface improved. (Progress bar when installing service)

To download right now, visit:

The whole project and idea is still a work in progress. Many improvements must be made before KontrolPack becomes a truly functional and useful application, but with the continuing support of the open-source community we will be there in no time!

Posted by Thomas THELLIEZ 2008-05-16

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