KDE vs Gnome

  • zainka

    zainka - 2006-11-27

    HI, I am pretty new to Linux but have had a few cups of Ubuntu the last year. However, even thoe I know there is a KDE ubuntu version available (Kubuntu) I was once uppon the time installing the org. Ubuntu which uses Gnome, more or less because I possible dont know better. However, would Kontrollerlab run under Gnome or am I lost? I hopes not because my scills for switching between KDE and Gnome are more or less like zero.
    I despite of this i think Kontrollerlab looks greate.

    Thanks in advance
    Vidar (Z)

    • Mario Boikov

      Mario Boikov - 2006-11-27

      You can run KDE apps when you are using gnome as desktop environment.

      You need to install the required packages in ubuntu both to compile and run a KDE application. I think build-essentials and some kde-dev libs. I don't have the time right now to check which packages are needed but you could try asking on #kubuntu IRC channel or some ubuntu forum for which packages are needed.

      I'm running Kubuntu my self so there is not problem running KontrollerLab on Edgy or Dapper if you just have the correct packages installed.

      I hope we can create a deb file included in the next release of KontrollerLab, but I can't promise anything.



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