Alex Skafidas - 2009-02-08

Hi all
I have the following weird behaviour in Ubuntu. I am new to Linux so I could be missing something obvious.

When I start kontrollerlab by rightclicking on a project file with a *.kontrollerlab file extension then kontrollerlab pops up but almost all icons from the top bar are missing. No programmer popup etc.
The Help-About box tells me I am using  "Kontrollerlab 0.8.0 on KDE 3.5.10".
Trying to open the corresponding window using the shortcut keys, fails to. I can see something trying to popup and then imediately vanish. Is it permissions related?

If I start kontrollerlab from "/usr/local/kde/bin"  then everything is normal, All icons in place.
(this executable has root permisions - normal?)

Anybody knows whats going on?