KontrollerLab and FreeBSD: link error

  • Vladimir

    Vladimir - 2007-04-06


    I tried to install kontrollerlab 0.7.1 (and 0.7.0) from src on FreeBSD 6.1 (KDE 3.5.1).

    Script "configure" says that all OK.

    And it seems that all src files was  successfully compiled (I used gmake instead of make).

    After that libtool says that  link error: unable to find library `' (i.e. emty library name).

    How  I  fix this problem?

    With best regards,

    • Mario Boikov

      Mario Boikov - 2007-04-08

      Hi Vladimir!

      None of us (developers) are using BSD so it's a little bit hard to say why it isn't working. And libtool isn't doing it easier by not saying which library it wants :)

      I'll tell Martin, the head developer, about the problem since his the one who knows the application best.


    • Vladimir

      Vladimir - 2007-04-08

      Hi Mario!

      Thank you for your reply.

      Seems, that I found what is libtool wants: it libpthread.

      I successfully link project manually (without libtool :-)   ) with parameter  -lpthread.

      But, I don't know how to help libtool for fix this problem
      (me not compatible with libtool  :-)  ).

      Best wishes, Vladimir

      • Mario Boikov

        Mario Boikov - 2007-04-08

        Great Vladimir!

        I talked with Martin and he didn't either know why this happened.

        Now we know a solution to the problem... I'll tell Martin about it but I don't know if we can do something about it in the build process... He had to investigate it.

        Hope you enjoy the application



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