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  • Raul

    Raul - 2007-01-13

    I've using AVRStudio for years but I want to give Linux and Kontrollerlab a chance. Also i like the open source philosopy.
    After trashing with some LED's ON/OFF I wish to go deeper and run the Dot Matrix Display Wizard but when tried to Ignite my simple project I got a message saying "error: dm_lcd.h: No file or directory exist".
    My code had a #include <dm_lcd.h>, both dm_lcd.h and dm_lcd.c exist on my project's folder. I've tried    including the full path to header without any success.
    My question is: There is some special configuration needed to show the compiler where my libraries rest?
    Or I'm doing something really wrong? (besides my pathetics attempts to write in english :) )

    • Mario Boikov

      Mario Boikov - 2007-01-14


      Use "dm_lcd.h" instead of <dm_lcd.h>. If you use <> it will look in the system include directory and when you use "" it will look in the project directory.


    • Raul

      Raul - 2007-01-23

      Stupid newbie mistake!! Thanks a lot for your reply, Mario


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