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[r225] (HEAD) by fabiwan

Trying to fix the Source mode for XHTML documents, see bug #2977873 on

2010-03-29 23:14:49 Tree
[r224] by fabiwan

Fixed a selection marker bug in the Source mode.

2010-03-26 23:21:19 Tree
[r223] by fabiwan

The selection is now preserved when switching from 'Design' to 'Source' mode. Yay!
The 'editor.prettyprint' pref is now set to 'true' by default. This applies both to 'Source' and 'Split' mode.
Switching tabs now switches to 'Design' mode automatically, but preserves the display mode (normal/tags/preview).

2010-03-16 01:33:55 Tree
[r222] by paul-h

add firefox addon to Kompozer project

2010-03-15 00:51:52 Tree
[r221] by fabiwan

Fix another bug causing bogus *| strings to be added to the CSS selectors in external stylesheets.

2010-03-13 23:09:24 Tree
[r220] by fabiwan

Improvements on the Split and Source view.
The Split view is now "locked": the caret is forced to stay in the Source editor.

2010-03-13 04:31:46 Tree
[r219] by fabiwan

Now using a single <editor> for both "Source" and "Split" views.

2010-03-10 22:46:31 Tree
[r218] by fabiwan

First build with a colored Source view.
Just found out that the modifications in Source view can't be undone, to be corrected.

2010-03-10 20:54:03 Tree
[r217] by fabiwan

Improvements to the "split" view:
* split view is closed automatically after editing
* now works better with innerHTML (head, body, ...)
Added some debug info to generic Composer Commands

2010-03-09 03:22:07 Tree
[r216] by fabiwan

Since 0.8a4, many toolbar buttons and menu items randomly stay disabled when getting back from Source mode.
This should fix it. To be tested.

2010-03-07 21:18:17 Tree
[r215] by fabiwan

KompoZer 0.8b3

2010-02-28 21:59:35 Tree
[r214] by fabiwan

The editor.htmlWarpColumn pref should be read properly now.

2010-02-28 21:09:48 Tree
[r213] by fabiwan

Fixes a regression appeared with 0.8b2, see:
On GNU/Linux, the default prefs will now use /usr/bin/firefox as default browser.
Added other block-level elements for the Ctrl+[Up|Down] keyboard shortcuts.

2010-02-28 17:58:58 Tree
[r212] by fabiwan

Fixed bug 2957813: "Source" mode is read-only. :-s

2010-02-24 14:17:21 Tree
[r211] by fabiwan

Detection of file modification now works even if the file path has non-ASCII chars

2010-02-24 13:41:36 Tree
[r210] by fabiwan

last update for the 0.8b2 release

2010-02-23 02:38:26 Tree
[r209] by fabiwan

Regression fix (0.8b2), the tabeditor can now reuse an empty tag.

2010-02-21 06:09:46 Tree
[r208] by fabiwan

update the "" pref for 0.8b2
+ small bugfix to display UTF-8 strings properly in the "class" drop-down list

2010-02-21 00:35:51 Tree
[r207] by fabiwan

Last-minute regression fixes for KompoZer 0.8b2:
* the "New" button works again
* the "Advanced Properties" window can be closed
* Enter in a paragraph really creates a new paragraph
(corollary: blank HTML files now start on <br /> instead of <p />)
* Windows build properly checked

2010-02-20 15:59:54 Tree
[r206] by fabiwan

s/Composer/KompoZer/ for the Windows build (0.8b2)

2010-02-20 04:18:43 Tree
[r205] by fabiwan

L10n updates for 0.8b2 + added a FindBar to the Help window

2010-02-20 04:12:14 Tree
[r204] by fabiwan

Cancel most of rev.193 (colored "Source" view) and get ready for 0.8b2

2010-02-19 21:00:56 Tree
[r203] by fabiwan

New "Spell Check As You Type" menu item, sync'ed with the related pref.
Warning: a new string has been added in the locales.

2010-02-12 00:23:13 Tree
[r202] by fabiwan

* hitting [Enter] should now create a new paragraph instead of <br>
* added keyboard shortcuts to put the caret before/after the current block

2010-01-29 09:52:45 Tree
[r201] by fabiwan

The Markup Cleaner now works properly on nested lists
+ small changes related to the DOM Explorer sidebar

2010-01-11 01:25:56 Tree
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