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[r200] by fabiwan

DOM Explorer / CSS tree: display the document URL rather than an empty string if the resulting relative URL is empty.

2010-01-10 01:37:12 Tree
[r199] by fabiwan

code cleanup and small bugfixes in the DOM Explorer sidebar

2010-01-10 00:46:59 Tree
[r198] by fabiwan

CaScadeS update
* the CSS editor window can be cancelled properly (finally!)
* the DOM Explorer sidebar has been modified by Fabien 'kasparov' Rocu:
HTML attributes and CSS properties of the current element
are now displayed in a tabbox (lower part of the sidebar).

2010-01-08 00:49:15 Tree
[r197] by fabiwan

CaScadeS can now cancel modifications on internal stylesheets for XHTML documents;
The problem remains with external stylesheets (i.e. "*|" prefixes on CSS selectors).

Also disabled a line in viewSource.js that caused KompoZer to become the frontmost window
when the statusbar was hovered. There has to be a drawback, we'll see...

The split and source views still need some serious debug before 0.8b2 can be released.

2009-12-18 00:02:33 Tree
[r196] by fabiwan

forgot to remove this from the Nvu patch used for blank pages

2009-12-17 12:51:08 Tree
[r195] by fabiwan

mostly an FTP bugfix

2009-12-16 22:15:21 Tree
[r194] by fabiwan

getting rid of an old Nvu patch

2009-12-16 21:56:24 Tree
[r193] by fabiwan

Major rewrite of the <tabeditor> binding + new way to handle about:blank pages.
Unfinished, will need another week of development before it gets stable.

2009-11-27 11:45:08 Tree
[r192] by fabiwan

Use Edit>Preferences instead of Tools>Options on Linux

2009-11-22 11:51:27 Tree
[r191] by fabiwan

l10n corrections

2009-11-21 02:10:45 Tree
[r190] by fabiwan

The inline spell checker now works properly.

2009-11-20 02:48:15 Tree
[r189] by fabiwan

Build scripts for various operating systems are now in the 'packages' directory

2009-11-13 23:15:38 Tree
[r188] by fabiwan

List of patches that have been applied to the Mozilla 1.8.1 core.

2009-11-07 17:18:47 Tree
[r187] by fabiwan

Removed the obsolete "patches" directory (this was related to the 0.7 branch).

2009-11-07 17:05:10 Tree
[r186] by fabiwan

Minor changes:
* the inline spellchecker begins to work
* applied a minor Debian patch on the parser
* removed the obsolete "patch" directory

2009-11-07 17:01:25 Tree
[r185] by fabiwan

Removed all non-free files, to ease the Debian maintainer's task.

2009-10-15 11:55:44 Tree
[r184] by fabiwan

l10n: list of all available locales

2009-10-12 01:41:15 Tree
[r183] by fabiwan

l10n: getting ready for adriank's

2009-10-12 01:37:43 Tree
[r182] by fabiwan

"About" dialog box fixed, courtesy of Pascal Chevrel.

2009-10-11 23:49:58 Tree
[r181] by fabiwan

icon update - the XPM icons still have to be updated

2009-10-11 02:09:50 Tree
[r180] by fabiwan

Partial bugfix on the SiteManager's Publish feature (FTP upload).
This should be the last change before 0.8b1.

2009-10-11 01:30:21 Tree
[r179] by fabiwan

minor changes, 0.8b1 coming soon

2009-10-08 21:32:36 Tree
[r178] by fabiwan

New icon + Site Manager clean-up => almost ready for 0.8b1

2009-09-28 19:36:02 Tree
[r177] by fabiwan

Removed FireFTP: to be included in an extension someday.

2009-09-28 16:42:07 Tree
[r176] by fabiwan

SiteManager FTP upload, small bugfix

2009-09-28 02:23:58 Tree
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