#304 Tags with no properties or styles


I really like KompoZer, and use it as my primary HTML editor. But it is becoming a bit of a problem as my site depends more and more on a common CSS stylesheet.

The problem is that KompoZer adds properties and/or styles to tags like <hr> and <td>. The presence of explicit properties/styles overrides what I put in my stylesheet file. I would really like a mode that turns off all properties that aren't explicitly put in by the user. When editing in this mode, the tag would have no properties unless I added them (either in source or through a properties box). Not all tags would have this. Obviously <span> is only used as a carrier for properties, so that would not apply. The ones that have annoyed me to date are:

Right now, I should be able to come close to what I need by minimizing the defaults for a tag. But this does not seem to work. I change the properties of a horizontal line and click "Use as default". But the next time I create a horizontal line, the old default properties are back. So I can't even do it that clumsy way.

Basically I really do want naked tags, unless I explicitly add something to them.



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