#294 Custom CSS font stacks

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It would be great to be able to define custom font stacks, that would make the work easier when applying CSS rules.

Actually this feature is partially implemented: when going into the menu "Format > Font", three font stacks are predefined: "Helvetica, Arial", Times, Courier. However, I couldn't find any way to edit those stacks, and to add my custom stacks to the list. If I open CSS editor tool, I can create a custom font stack for a specific css rule, but there seems to be no way to bring my custom font stack into the main Font menu.

A bit of context: I was recently instructing a end-user how to make little changes to his HTML newsletter, and KompoZer was perfect for that. However, in order to support mail clients / webmail providers, when defining fonts in a html newsletter we unfortunately need to apply the font-family style to nearly each <p>, so a quick way to apply a pre-defined CSS font stack is mandatory. Of course, for a normal website, that wouldn't be such a big issue, since we normally don't need to re-define fonts over and over. But still, I'm sure it would be welcomed by many users and should be a generic feature.

Specially in scenarios where a skilled person has pre-build a site layout, and a novice user is making changes in KompoZer, the use of such pre-defined stacks would be a great win.

If the feature exists, please let me know, and consider making it more easy to find :)

Thanks for your work, and for giving the world a simple, much-needed open-source HTML editor!

Version/OS: KompoZer 0.8b3, OSX 10.6


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