#290 The ability to TURN OFF html correction


Hi, Kompozer is a great tool, but when editing existing html pages.... ....guys: you really need to let people turn the automatic code correction/completion OFF.
This can really make kompozer jumping up to profesional editors, since anyone can use it instead of DW or others.

Professional people NEED to turn off the code completion/correction, cause they're using unrecognized code, PAGE INCLUSIONS, realizing other pieces of server side software that picks the html from a kompozer-generated file (and so creating a template)...

This is really needed to people that needs to modify just pieces of a web site. consider my case:
I realized a professional site for an hotel with just HTML and ASP. I definitely don't want to reinvent the wheel every time the client asks me for a new page or stuff, so i splitted the header, the left, the central and the footer into different files and used SERVER SIDE INCLUSIONS.

When trying to modify the central page, kompozer adds <html><head><body> at the beginning and their ending tags at the end. This, obviously, destroys the page layout.

If kompozer can turn off code completion, the client can FTP down the site, modify just the central part and upload it in a second!!!
This can be ether considered a "light" alternative to an expensive CMS. Moreover this can be THE CMS that is compatible with every language/server/stuff/technology/...

I'm not using kompozer JUST for the lack of this feature. REALLY.


  • Liam

    Liam - 2010-09-27

    I agree wholeheartedly! This is a very frustrating feature to not be able to turn off for those who know what they are doing and who also have good reasons for not wanting to write standard code.

    Fair enough to include this feature and to also have it on by default, but advanced users need to have some means by which to turn it off.

    It is quite annoying to need to reopen an otherwise finished html or asp page in notepad (or similar), to manually remove out the autocode Komposer "assumed" you neglected to include.

    Everyone who agrees that users should have the ability to turn this feature off, please let yourselves be heard.


  • Dominika

    Dominika - 2011-01-05

    Another one who agrees - I find it rather frustrating and annoying that KompoZer "corrects" my code. Please do include a TURN OFF of this feature!

  • ienax

    ienax - 2011-02-24

    i'm going to UP this thread, cause i think that we're not alone asking for the possibility to turn the code correction feature off.

    I think that, united with others telling they don't like the app cause it breaks lines or complete the code where it shouldn't, we're not just two or three.

    I think a really good app for programmers should let them turn this feat off, just like DW.

    Now you can complain about that's an app for beginners, that the code correction really helps low-experienced people and much more, but i say: this is why i'm asking for a "switch-off feature".

    let people choice.

    examples of what i'm saying:

    The UI is superb. Why it breaks the html with extraneous line breaks I do not know but it makes it unusable. Too bad
    posted by howard hoyt 2010-02-02

    Thumbs down: messes up obfuscation code.

  • ienax

    ienax - 2011-02-24
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  • Phew72

    Phew72 - 2012-05-10


    I too love this application. The portable version is my web dev weapon of choice when working on the road. I'm a supporter and donator of the project.

    However I cannot recommend this to my non-technical clients -- the intended audience of the software -- because of this 'auto add headers' feature.

    My clients often have a need to edit only PARTS of an html page, eg. intranet pages, SHTML files, iFrame content. But KompoZer will break them every single time unless it has the option to edit only that code without making an entire page out of it.

    Please PLEASE consider adding this switch to the next release. If you do, freelance web developers like myself can become advocates and expand KompoZer's user base dramatically.


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