#21 add rollover images


add rollover images, similar to the dreamweaver function


  • claudia

    claudia - 2007-08-04

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    I agree! I was sorta missing that when using NVU and KompoZer. Sure, you can do them in a layout with say, Corel PhotoPAINT and Photoshop ( in the new versions), but not everyone is that rich. ^^;

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Rollover images are done by css - setting the a:link and a:hover background image property. Child's play to write by hand in the css file. No need for some special feature to do this!

    Also Dreamweaver (which I do use) does this by adding lots and lots of javascript, which is a totally unnecessary way to achieve this effect and leads to bloated code, as it adds extra code every time a new rollover is required. And adds it to every page if it is the menu (the normal place for such things).

    Css - write once, use many times.

    dr john


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