Css: xubuntu 9.04 and kompozer-0.8a3

  • lupe ficara

    lupe ficara - 2009-05-07

    I don't want to post this as a bug, because I'm not sure it is.

    I've recently installed the 0.8a3,
    before I've 0.8a2.
    I open a file today, that I've created with the 0.8a2
    and added a simply photo with a link.

    then pubblished.
    It was composed by a three row table in a big one.
    Having a video from youtube on the right cell.
    When pubblished, on-line
    the right table was desappeared.
    I go back,
    re-open file with kompozer and found
    no right table, even if when I've saved before pubblishing
    I can see the 3 rows.

    Open same file with bluefish, all the right cell is here
    even if the code of the right table look not highlited and have three differents tags like this
    /amp&nt;  at the place of  < > an />.

    The tag:


    is present two time in the document.  And I've noticed an entry:

    <iframed>  and an empty table (that
    wasn't in the original file).

    between the  two :


    Delete de double entry. cleaned with Tidy validator,
    lost the Declaration doctype but the page look like
    the original one.

    Is a bug to report or a feature?


    I notice a very strange alert window everytime I use some
    advanced edit,( like class or attribute)
    when it open inside is writen:
    It seem a joke.
    How can I stop it?

    • lupe ficara

      lupe ficara - 2009-05-08

      sorry, I've forgotten
      Thanks for your attention!

      • Fabien Cazenave (kaze)

        Ooops, I’ve shipped KompoZer-0.8a3 for Linux with the wrong "advanced properties" window. I'll have to correct this ASAP.

        Your YouTube video problem is probably related to bug #2787471: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=2787471&group_id=170132&atid=853122

        Please use this bug ticket to describe your problem more accurately and send a copy of the code of your page as attachment (before + after publishing).


    • lupe ficara

      lupe ficara - 2009-05-08

      I 'll be happy to join the file
      and describe more
      (even if I don't think that I've the file as it appear before the bug, and during...
      sorry, I've set it better now)
      but the bug, you send me the link, is closed,
      by the way,
      I wonder if it happen because my preference
      was setted as "reformat html" on?
      anyway, I'll try to add two file related:
      a photo of the java-consolle error when I0've finished to restore the file
      kompozer don't want to edit the tables...
      and a version of the file during restoration.
      If you need more, please tell me.
      thanks very much

    • lupe ficara

      lupe ficara - 2009-05-08

      but I cannot add files no-more
      on the linked topic:
      Please tell me if you need I open one new...


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