Kompozer publishing issue

  • Bruce

    Bruce - 2013-03-12

    Upon editing and saving a page, I attempted to view in browser via the kompozer publish button. It's a long page and only about half of the page is displayed in the browser. Any suggestions as to why this occurs and any ideas on how to fix.


  • TexTech

    TexTech - 2013-03-12

    Greetings bkapca,
    In order to help you, we (the forum) need more information.  Publishing is the action of uploading (via FTP) your code to a web server.  Can you share the URL of the web page so we can look at it for clues?  As for troubleshooting, make a very simple web page and upload it and see if you can view it correctly.  Then make it longer and continue to upload and view it to see if you can duplicate the problem.  Also try simplifying your webpage, maybe by half or more, then publish it and see how it looks.  This process may help you track down the problem.  You can also look at your webpage on your own computer, before publishing it.  I use Firefox, click on File, then Open File, the navigate to where your webpage is stored on your computer.  Again, if you have a long web page, then shorten it until it looks right, then add code and keep looking at it  until the problem reoccurs. 


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