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  • geckonapper

    geckonapper - 2009-04-02

    I was wondering if and how I can have line wrapping in the Normal and/or the Source view? For example, the following line does not wrap in either view and I have to scroll to the right in both views to see the whole string:


    This is Kompozer 0.7.10. And I have these preferences set:



    • TexTech

      TexTech - 2009-04-03

      I'm still learning to use KompoZer(Win32), so my followup to your question is a question too.  Where in KompoZer is the "editor.htmlWrapColumn" setting?  Under Tools | Options ?  When I looked in "c:\D&S\textech\Application Data\KompoZer\Profiles\a1b2c3d4.default" I looked in the "prefs.js" file and found some settings that were close: user_pref(" and
      user_pref("editor.custom... and
      user_pref("editor.history... but no

      Maybe you are using Linux, and you have those settings?

      I closed KompoZer and added those settings to the prefs.js file.  I opened KompoZer, did a little editing, then closed KompoZer and check the prefs.js file, and those settings were missing.  So, presumably KompoZer erased them.

      So, I'd like to know how to get that functionality too.


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