Problems Saving CSS

jon seeger
  • jon seeger
    jon seeger

    Am I missing something, or is there no way to save your changes to CSS?  I am editing my site remotely, and when i attempt to make changes using the CSS Editor, the changes do not seem to persist to the FTP server and there is no option to save or publish the updated.

    Is there something I have to do to make it save my changes?

    • David Boyle
      David Boyle

      This was a killer for me, I stopped using Kompozer as soon as I discovered this bug. Kompozer's inability to open an existing linked stylesheet and write to it is a glaring omission. After losing a couple of hours over this, I searched all over and found that many, many other people have wasted time over it as well. I suggest that in the meantime, a simple text message be displayed in the title bar of the css editor that says "Your changes cannot be saved!"

      I would love to be able to say that I love Kompozer and will defend it to the death, but I can't. The Cascades editor is a MODAL dialog, so not only will your css changes be discarded, they can only persist for as long as you have the dialog box open! How about the linked stylesheet opens in another tab so you can switch freely back and forth to your x(h)tml file? I guess it's a really huge problem that can't be solved ...