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No frames, so...

  • Lance666

    Lance666 - 2010-02-07

    I want to create a page that shows a panoramic image that is 3000px wide and 600px high and the image will be displayed with text around it. The perfect solution before I got KompoZer would be a frame (maybe 800w x 600 H) that allows for scrolling of the image. Now I want to use KompoZer and play by the rules, so how do I make a scrolling "box" for this image without using frames? I want it to be a single page plus the one image, no additional style sheet. Any ideas? Any actual sample code?

  • Don Williams

    Don Williams - 2010-02-07

    You could simply use the browsers scroll capability & define an extra wide page.  Take a look at  This is an old page, now retired, that may show what you want.


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