Need Help Please!!!

  • Brittany Richardson

    I recently bought a new computer and I have all the files for my website on my old computer.  How can I transfer all my saved webpages in Kompozer from the old computer to the new computer?  I tried emailing them but it just came through as an HTML document...


    • sourcer42

      sourcer42 - 2008-12-15

      This is really off topic in this list, but ...

      Assuming you run Windows, your best bet is to use Filezilla until Kompozer gets fixed so it at least publish files.

      Depending on whether or not you can can connect your two PC in some way, Filezilla would be the simplest. Use it to download your files from your site and then again to upload the modified versions.

    • RIck

      RIck - 2008-12-15

      I'm a newbie to the website management arena, but here's one POSSIBLE solution:

      The host service that we use (1& has a capability to add folders to the base "disk", even if the added folder's contents aren't put in use immediately.   It can be used kind of like a storage or cache area.

      IF your host site has a similar capability, wouldn't it be possible to just transfer your entire folder of files to a new - on-the-website - folder, then change computers, then download those uploaded files to your new computer, once you install KompoZer on it?

      Like I said above, I'm a newbie at this thing, and don't know if it's possible to upload a complete folder, or if the files MUST be uploaded one at a time.


      Here's another possibility, if your old computer has an active USB port.  Get yourself a thumb drive or one of the newer SD cards (they come in 8 GB and higher capacities) and copy your old folder to either of those portable memories, then copy them from the portable drive to you new computer.


      Either of the above methods are pretty inexpensive to use.  If you go the second route, that thumb drive or SD card can be reused for other file storage or sharing, so it wouldn't be "wasted money" like having to buy a software program for (MAYbe) one time use.




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