7.10 on windows (vista)

  • MikeS

    MikeS - 2007-09-06


    There doesn't seem to be a complete install package for Windows yet.

    After I download the Windows 7.10 zip file and then extract it, what do I need to do to install it ? Do I need to remove the older version first?


    • martoche

      martoche - 2007-09-18


      I have exactly the same problem, can somebody help? I have Nvu but just downloaded Komposer and I don't know how to launch it...


    • Sebastian Lisken

      My solution is this: first, download the latest installer (0.7.7). Install as needed to get a nice uninstall entry in "Add/Remove Programs". Then extract the archive for 0.7.10 into the desktop, which will now contain a new folder named "KompoZer 0.7.10" (the "extract folder"). Open the extract folder in one Explorer window, and in another Explorer window, open the install folder (default: C:\Program Files\KompoZer). Delete almost everything in the install folder, keeping only the uninstall information (that's the three files in the install folder that have been created individually during the install process, sort by date, they are the last three). Now move everything from the extract folder into the install folder. Delete the installer, the zip file and the extract folder. You're done, just ignore the fact that the entry in "Add/Remove Programs is still called "KompoZer 0.77". (You would have to edit the registry, but it's probably not worth it). Uninstalling will remove almost everything, keeping only a couple of new files in the install folder that were not there in 0.7.7. Delete them manually after uninstall.

      You could also go for a completely manual install and uninstall process, but this way you get your shortcuts (start menu, desktop etc.) created and removed automatically.


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