Can't FTP (Win32 ver 0.8a1, build 20090212)

  • Steve Mazer

    Steve Mazer - 2009-03-06

    I tried using version 0.8a1 on a windows workstation that had a previous (working) install of Kompozer. Unfortunately, Site Manager doesn't seem to be able to connect to any FTP sites that I've tried (ones that worked on the previous version).

    I also tried installing version 0.8a1 on a different workstation with no previous installation of Kompozer, and I was still unable to connect to any FTP sites. It doesn't look like anything has changed with the Publish Settings window.

    Is that happening to anyone else using the Win32 build?

    • TexTech

      TexTech - 2009-03-06

      I am not sure if the Alpha version breaks previous features, but I also cannot FTP with the version 20090210.  There are several other things that are broken over version 0.7.10 (20070831) which I believe is the last stable version.
      1) Publish no longer functions
      2) Help | About does not list a version number, only a date reference (20090212)
      3) The Source tab at the bottom is missing
      4) View | HTML Source does nothing (clicking does make the checkmark appear/disappear)
      5) F8 only brings my Yahoo Widgets to the front of all other windows, it does not bring up HTML Source
      6) Right click on selected image or text does produce the context menu including Copy, but right click on an empty cell does not produce the Paste function in the context menu
      [except that now that I just tried it again, the Paste function is appearing, but is pasting the contents of the clipboard after I copied something from another program.  So, it appears that it is the Copy function that is not working in KompoZer 20090212]
      --Also broken in 0.7.10, as well as 20090212
      7) Right click on a hyperlinked IMAGE, then select Image and Link Properties, does not produce a context menu in any of the tabs, that includes Target attribute selection. I would expect to be on the Link tab. (right clicking on hyperlinked TEXT, selecting Link Properties, does produce the Target attribute selection) So the difference is that an IMAGE does not allow for the Target attribute.
      8) a little bit related to #7: not all links are going to be html files.  The default from the Link tab  "Choose File..." icon is HTML Files.  I wish that the default is "All Files" for the Link context.

      One thing I wanted to mention that was broken in 0.7.10 that appears fixed in 20090212 is the linking of selected text when switching between tabs: Normal, HTML Tags, and Preview. I hope that once the HTML Source issue is fixed that the selected text is linked between that tab as well.


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