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  • George Kinal

    George Kinal - 2008-12-12

    I have been managing a web site for YEARS using FTP clients, without trouble.

    Kompozer refuses to log in successfully with the same parameters.

    Can someone explain how to take:

    a. The servers FTP://  address;

    b. The username

    c. The password for that site and username

    and enter it into Kompozer's site list and get a successful connection ?

    It should be GUT SIMPLE but it does not work for me. What am I missing ????


    • sourcer42

      sourcer42 - 2008-12-12

      When I did try the predecessor Nvu, I never did have much luck with publishing, I don't have any better luck with Kompozer, although it does seem to behave differently.

      BTW, I was using WinXp versions for these test.

      I have had luck with publishing from a Ubuntu linux version, though

      One of the problems I see with the Windows version is the wrong Site URL shown in the publish pop-up whee it then sits and waits forever. In my case instread of the ftp URL to publish to, it displays the local file URL.

      So your best bet is to use something like Filezilla if you want to use Kompozer to edit

      I have been trying to get the Windows version to compile so perhaps I can have a look at these problems, but have had no luck till now.


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