change default language in kompozer?

Kelly Nash
  • Kelly Nash

    Kelly Nash - 2009-11-14

    I downloaded Kompozer on a new computer and I didn't get a chance to declare a language during startup.  The language the program is in right now is not one that I can identify.  Here are the menu labels:  Bestand, Bewerken, Beeld, Invoegen, Opmaak, Tabel, Extra, Help.  How can I change the language to English?  Any help is appreciated!

  • Fabien Cazenave (kaze)

    You’ve downloaded the Dutch version, probably because it was listed as the latest release on
    Get an English version here:

    *- kazé*


  • Kelly Nash

    Kelly Nash - 2009-11-15

    Thank you so much!  That's evidently what I did.  I have an English version now. :)

  • Greg Ercolano

    Greg Ercolano - 2011-09-22

    Paraphrasing one of fabiwan's messages:

    You probably downloaded the Dutch version from sourceforge because that was the most recent release at the time.
    Download the english version from here:

  • Greg Ercolano

    Greg Ercolano - 2011-09-22

    Oh heck, already answered.
    When I first read this thread, it appeared to have no replies:

    1) Had same problem as OP
    2) Searched the 'help' forum for "language"
    3) Saw OP's message which appeared to have no replies: msg appeared alone without context of thread!
    4) Saw fabiwan's answer: also appeared alone, without the thread!
    5) Replied to OP with fabiwan's reply.
    6) After reply, of course entire thread context is shown, with answer already supplied.  8(
        And of course, apparently no way to delete a post. Sigh.

    So I guess if you see replies that to threads when answers have already been given, that's why..!

    Anyway, love komposer; was using it years ago.. coming back for binary that runs on latest linux. Thanks!


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