• Rachel Stevenson Strong


    I just installed Kompozer and it is terrific, my new web site is flying along much quicker than previously when I just hand coded everything.

    My question is this: I want different images to appear on the web page when I hover over specific words on the page, is this do-able in Kompozer?

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    • BMDMAN

      BMDMAN - 2008-02-05


      There's nothing in Kompozer, but Javascript is pretty easy. A search for Javascript should quickly locate a few tutorials that will walk you through exactly what you want to do.

    • Neil McIrvine

      Neil McIrvine - 2008-04-15

      I was wondering how to do that too - anybody help me?


    • sessileoak

      sessileoak - 2008-11-08

      Fair enough - I'll help!

      You could try this:

      (Assuming "http://IMAGE ADDRESS 1" is the URL of the normal image and "http://IMAGE ADDRESS 2" is the URL of the image you want to appear when the mouse hovers over it.)

      Bring up the Image Properties/Location dialog box and select Advanced Edit/JavaScript Events.

      Then select onmouseout from the Attribute dropdown menu and type the following into the Value box to the right of it: src="http://IMAGE ADDRESS 1"
      Then select onmouseover from the same dropdown menu and type: src="IMAGE ADDRESS 2" into the Value box for that.
      (Note: ensure that you do the above in that order or it won't work. Probably also best to keep the original image address in the Properties/Location/Image Location box to allow those without JavaScript enabled to see the image too.)

      Then click OK.

      Job done.


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