I need assistance

  • Anthony Craft

    Anthony Craft - 2009-01-08

    - I am need assistance trying to design a website
    - don't know where to start..but need st-by-step assistance

    • Anthony Craft

      Anthony Craft - 2009-02-10

      I am trying to get web editing for a web through Site Buidit, and need

    • Thomas Schramm

      Thomas Schramm - 2009-02-11

      What's "Site Buidit"? Try a free and ready-to-use template for learning, for example from http://andreasviklund.com/templates/

      The template "andreas01" (the 5th from the top) is a good starting point - you will find this template everywhere on the web. ;-) Some knowlege of CSS is recommended (generally).

      • denise faucher

        denise faucher - 2009-04-08

        I found working with SBI's templates and system, very tuff and I didn't always get the right help I needed. I got the feeling the people that answer our questions, didn't like their job and that I was bothering them. I found it easier learning it on my own, but not necessarily faster.
        I also like working with Kompozer. I'm just finishing my website now. I got a free Ebook from a guy name Chris Ferrell, that describes step-by-step how to create your first website using Kompozer, if your interested.
        I think his website is www.CreateYourFirstWebsite.com  He also has awesome videos showing step-by-step for a small fee. But I found it very worth it. There was only one error that I could see, and it was probably because Kompozer updated their software and that something changed.
        Good Luck, Denise F.


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