<b> 0.7.10 MSG:Unable to Locate [js3250] DLL

  • RIck

    RIck - 2008-12-03

    I'm new to the FTP world.  I'd heard about Komposer via the Kim Komando show ( http://www.komando.com > downloads) so I downloaded and (believe I) installed 0.7.10. 

      My OS is Win 2-K at SP-4. 

    When I click on the start > program > Komposer icon, I get message

    "Komposer.exe - Unable to Locate DLL"

    "The dynamic link library js3250.dll could not be found in the specified pat
    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Start Menu\Programs;.;C:\WINNT\system32;C:\WINNT\system;C:\WINNT\;C:\WINNT\system32;C:\WINNT\;C:\WINNT\system32\Wbem. " 

    This is followed by the standard OK button. (And yes, several directory paths are repeated, just as you see them, above. Also, that is a period character after the first path specified - i.e., "Programs" semicolon period semicolon "C:\&quot; etc.)

    Yes, I've read the same reports posted by DANDYUK (11-17-08) and PETERJAY (03-14-08) but neither gives their OS environment or the exact error message. 

    I found two copies of  js3250.dll on my system.
      The first is in the root directory where KompoZer installed itself, C:\Program Files\KompoZer 0.7.10\.  That .dll file is dated 08-31-07. 

    The second is in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\.  That .dll file is dated 11-13-08. 

    A lot of good either one of them do me; the path doesn't include either directory. 

    Sure would appreciate it if someone would post a resolution to this problem.  Falling back to an older version (PeterJay's 2nd post) doesn't really fix the problem; just masks it. 



    • RIck

      RIck - 2008-12-03

      O.K., after some playing, I figured it out. 

      The downloaded file is a .ZIP file.  Assuming that you parked the downloaded file in a special DOWNLOADS -named folder like I do, here's how to make the program load properly:

      Start by opening Windows Explorer and display the contents of your download folder. 

      Locate the KompoZer icon.  It may be named kompozer-0.7.10-win32.zip (or maybe that's the name I'd assigned to it at the start of the download process).

      Drag a copy of that zipped file to your PROGRAM FILES folder.  
      What you want to do is move a COPY (not the original) of the zipped download file into your PROGRAM FILES folder.  Do the drag by holding the <Ctrl> key down while you use the mouse to drag the file to the left bar's PROGRAM FILES folder.

      Once your copy is in the PROGRAM FILES folder, unzip it.  (You may need to know which folder your UNZIP.exe file is located in, if that folder isn't included your system's PATH list.)

      The unzip process will automatically run under DOS and create a new folder named C:\PROGRAM FILES\KompoZer 0.7.10\ (on my system; apparently whatever you name the downloaded .ZIP file becomes the folder name).  All of the necessary files and folders will be unzipped to that new folder.

      Go into that new KompoZer folder and right click on the kompozer.exe icon

      Click on the Create Shortcut option.  This will create a shortcut icon in the KompoZer folder.

      Right click on the shortcut icon.  Click on the Rename option.  Give it a meaningful name (I used "KompoZer FTP Editor" without the double quotes).   Press the <Enter> key to lock in the name.

      Hold the <Ctrl> key down and drag a copy of that renamed shortcut icon to your START > PROGRAMS  list of programs and park it somewhere.

      Back on the Windows Explorer panel, from the KompoZer file, drag the shortcut icon to your Desktop if you want a link there.  (This will remove the shortcut from the KompoZer folder.)

      Via Windows Explorer, go back into the C:\PROGRAM FILES folder and delete the zipped file you'd copied there from your DOWNLOAD folder.

      Click on either of your two newly installed shortcut icons.  KompoZer should start correctly, and display a "KompoZer Tips" window.

      Hope this helps.




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