Is there any update to expect?

  • Webmania

    Webmania - 2007-03-08

    I would like to learn if KompoZer is still under development or stopped like NVU?

    • Eleanora

      Eleanora - 2007-08-05


      yes, KompoZer is still under development. The new stabel release will be out soon.

      • Ronald

        Ronald - 2007-12-14

        Just wondering: When I look at the bug report page, all of the
        bugs reported have still the entry "assigned to nobody". So to
        me it looked as if development on Kompozer were rather dead.
        Does anybody know what happens with all that bug reports?


        • alphamerik

          alphamerik - 2008-05-15

          Agreed, if this project is not really dead (which by all appearances it is), then someone needs to get on the ball and update the bug reports.

    • NoTechie

      NoTechie - 2007-11-26

      In the update I would like to see that when I type in spaces in the code for easier reading of the code that the spaces would stay put.

      When I later look at the source code in KompoZer, everything is smushed together, making it difficult to find anything.

      Thanks for making a very nice product.  I do appreciate all the effort...

    • Lyn Borchert

      Lyn Borchert - 2008-04-22

      Hmmm, So, Elenora, how soon is soon?  It looks like we are fast approaching the two year anniversary of the current release.  To be very honest I think Komposer is one of the best WYSIWYG if not the best that I've used, but the VERY annoying bugs that haunt me every time I use the program are way past the point of "should have been squashed". 

      The only three that really bother me are the lost cursor in source edit mode and the save file crashing when multiple pages are edited at once and the word wrap / reformatting of the source code.  Everything else I've encountered I could live with, but man this jumping cursor thing is really annoying to deal with.


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