0.8a1 No Source Edit?

  • Loel Larzelere

    Loel Larzelere - 2009-02-15

    I downloaded 0.8a1 (Windows) to try and found no source edit tab.  OUCH!  Whenwill that function return?

    • Anonymous - 2009-03-02

      You mean the function on F8 - View HTML-Source, right?
      I miss this as well. Big disadvantage...

      • Loel Larzelere

        Loel Larzelere - 2009-03-02

        Especially so when the task is to maintain code created  by DreamWeaver or FrontPAge or anyhting else that tends to introduce bloat to a web page.


        • ron fulligan

          ron fulligan - 2009-03-04

          The source editor is there.. look for the little textured metal bar at the bottom of the program right above the status bar click on that and your source editor opens.. im running ubuntu 8.10 and a same the beta is not working proper when i go to load a grafic into a page the graphic shows as a broken picture..

    • naught101

      naught101 - 2009-03-04

      I agree - source viewing is still available, in a pane below the editing panes, but it was much more useful in 0.7.10, as another pane, with editable source.

    • Russell Eberhardt

      The source pane is still editable.  Try alt-return.  Type alt return again when finished.  It is very confusing though, you can't just scroll through the source code.  Sometimes it just displays one line, sometimes several.

    • Philip Barrington

      I found the source tab in 0.7.10 exceptionally handy, especially when it comes to tweaking things in the header. I often refer the css to a consistent image in a div at the top of the page. In the header I can then refer some pages to different images as required.

      Editing code directly after typing [ALT]+[ENTER] and then back again is not especially intuitive and is was much more straight forward to have a source tab which gave you the source as you would see it if you opened the file in NoteTab or MS Notepad.

      Can I say please could we have the source tab back, I feel we have lost something.  For the moment I will be switching between 0.8a1 and 0.7.10.

      I am an absolute Kompozer fan and have sung its praises to all and sundry. Please (dare I say Pretty Please) could we have the source tab back please.

    • Fabien Cazenave (kaze)


      I haven’t re-implemented Nvu’s “Source” tab in KompoZer 0.8 yet:

      * this “Source” tab is buggy and it’s nowhere near a text editor. I even prefer SeaMonkey Composer’s Source tab, which is a plain-text editor: at least, I can move the caret, select/copy/paste some text the way I want, without having to use the mouse — and it’s reliable.

      * Nvu’s “Source” pseudo syntax highlighting requires to patch the Mozilla core. Nvu 1.0 and KompoZer 0.7 crashed because of this patch. KompoZer 0.8 is rock solid because it’s not patched. So patching the core again will be the VERY LAST item in my todo-list.

      * the new “Source” dock (F8) is not perfect but it suits my needs, and all the regular contributors prefer the new “Source” dock over Nvu’s Source tab. A few bugs have been corrected in the recent 0.8a2 version, it should be more intuitive to use.

      However, I’ve just re-implemented a SeaMonkey-like “Source” tab in my latest builds: http://kompozer.net/images/dss.png
      It has no syntax highlighting but it works without having to patch the core. It still requires some ironing before I can push this patch on the SVN tree, you’ll see it in the upcoming 0.8a3 release.

      For the final 0.8 release, I *might* re-implement the pseudo syntax highlighting but again, that’s the very last item in my roadmap. If you desperately need the pseudo syntax highlighting, hire me and I’ll work on it right now ! :-D

      Sorry folks, that’s the best I can do in the short term.
      If you have some ideas to improve the new “source” dock, feel free to let me know.



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