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  • gizmo

    gizmo - 2009-09-08


    Any thoughts on how html 5.0 will affect Kompozer?

    • gizmo

      gizmo - 2009-09-08

      Let me clarify, will there be functional changes to how Kompozer works?  I ask this with the understanding that html 5.0 will be backward compatible.  Anyway, thanks again to everyone.

      • Fabien Cazenave (kaze)

        KompoZer 0.8 is built on Gecko 1.8.1, which doesn't support HTML 5.
        KompoZer 0.9 will be built on Gecko 1.9.x, we’ll have to wait for this version to get some HTML 5 support. That won't affect KompoZer much, we'll just have to work on two main aspects:
         * design a [media] dialog box to create <audio|video> tags around <object> elements, so that IE can default to <object>
         * redesign the “new page” dialog to support different doctypes.

        I think it won't be a lot of work compared to the CSS3 support we'll have to implement in KompoZer 0.9.

        -- kazé, KompoZer lead dev

  • gizmo

    gizmo - 2009-09-16

    Thank you for taking the time to respond.  Have a great day!

  • Anonymous - 2009-10-30

    When will KompoZer change to the &lt;DOCTYPE! HTML&gt; for HTML 5. I really need this. Or can somebody tell me how to change the default doc type.

  • Frédéric Chateaux

    HTML5 support shall come in KompoZer 0.9 and the gecko 1.9.3 rendering engine.

    For now, KompoZer 0.8 is still based on the old gecko 1.8.x.

    Use a text editor to change your doctype.


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