Additions to Kompozer - 2

  • NoTechie

    NoTechie - 2007-11-11

    I have been using NVu for quite some time now and I am missing something.

    1.  Possible to put in a red/green button to show whether or not a page has been saved?

    2.  I code in email addresses by obfuscating them.  NVu and Kompozer both change them to regular email address.  Can this be changed.

    I would like to be able to add my own html without the program changing it.

    Again, Possible?

    Really appreciate the good, free program.  I have been able to make a nice site for family photos and news because of Sourceforge.

    Thanks much

    • Paul Kruger

      Paul Kruger - 2008-12-24

      I am trying Komposer myself.  While I have the "fancy" stuff from Macromedia I still like simple. 

      I have used the very old agile AOLPRESS for over a dozen years.

      It will warn you about stuff it does not recognize but won't change it if you click "ignore" when saving which means I can manually insert any code I want without problems.  It also makes some very clean HTML which I like.

      No it does not include any indicator about having been saved except that if you close the program it will ask if you want to save your work.

      It can still be found.

      I was looking at Komposer as an alternative to run in Linux as I am working my way away from Microsoft OS.

      So far Komposer has too many things that it tries to do without asking that will make it a poor substitute unless there is a method to disable it from making my mind up for me without asking, like stripping my PHP code out of existing documents.  They would not have been there if they did not belong and I resent a piece of software trying to correct me, thus breaking web pages in the process.



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