#718 Copying And Pasting


I have two issues that occur at random with copying and pasting. One you just can't copy at all (copy is greyed out in the menu), two pasting places the pasted data not in the tab being viewed but another tab entirely. Saving, closing and reopening fixes the issue but only temporarily before it starts to reccur again.


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    Anonymous - 2012-06-24

    This is a long standing problem that has persisted through different versions. It has been posted in the past and a suggestion was made that the incorrect pasting only occurs when 3 or more windows are open but I cannot confirm that. I have seen the loss of copy/paste occur almost anytime -- nothing seems to being done to fix this. The problem is so severe that I have almost given up on Komposer. Try Sea Monkey.

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  • Cat Taylor

    Cat Taylor - 2017-05-14

    I'm having a similar issue and am suprised it hasn't been fixed after all this time. Although I can paste formatted text just fine using Kompozer in Windows (Parallels), pasting into the Mac version just pastes as unformatted text, with no options. Version 0.83b


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