#701 Request: Display closing tags

Editor (27)

Would be very helpful to have the editor show closing tags.

For example, bold text currently shows up as:
[B]Some text

Please display the closing tag too:
[B]Some text[/B]

I realize that the editor displays text appropriately styled (e.g.: bold, sup, italics, linked, etc.), but it would be helpful to visually know exactly where the closing tag is. This is especially needed for containers such as [SPAN] that have no visual styling. I know that I can click on a tag and the eidtor hilights the contents but I have to click. I should be able to simply look at the HTML and know.

I have seen at lease one other editor show opening and closing tags and it makes editing a lot easier.

Perhaps have an option that turns display of closing tags on/off that way users can select their preferred viewing method.


Yours truly,
Cusimano.Com Corporation
per: David Cusimano


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