#563 Troublesome focus jumping


When I have two instances of KompoZer 0.8b1 loaded, which is often, and want to switch to the non-focused window, if that is higher than the focused one I have have trouble if I use the taskbar icon to do the switch, because as I then raise the mouse pointer from the taskbar to the window that I've just focused, the mouse pointer crosses the taskbar of the now de-focused KompoZer window, which at once becomes focused again. So, to actually get access to the slightly higher (on the screen) window, after focusing it from the taskbar I have to remember to move the mouse pointer NOT up but laterally and then round the side of the desktop, then onto the required window, so that it doesn't pass over the status bar of the unfocused window. V.0.7.10 didn't do this.

This is exasperating when I'm in a hurry, and I'd really like this not to happen, or at least be able to switch this behaviour off if for any reason it is an intended feature. Many thanks. Incidentally, overall an excellent program, which I generally swear by and not at! :-)


  • Fabien Cazenave (kaze)

    Confirmed. That should be corrected on the latest SVN trunk, and with the upcoming 0.8b2.

  • Philip Goddard

    Philip Goddard - 2010-01-27

    Brilliant - thanks for that, Fabiwan! KompoZer will be still nicer then! :-)


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