#470 editing index file creating page forbidden error



let me begin by saying that i appreciate your work on kompozer and am grateful that high quality software like it is available. i just noticed a recent issue with the 0.8a4 release however. when i open my webpage's index file using the "Open Web Location" function, something happens to the permission of the file after i edit and save it. when i move the file to the webserver, i get a http 403 error saying that the page is forbidden. when i use version 0.8a2 on my other box, i can open, edit, save, and transfer (via a sftp client) the file with no issues.

when i edit other files on my webpage (on version 0.8a4) i have no problems. for some reason, it's just with the index file. i have to admit; i don't know html coding and have limited time and experience working with webpages.

steps to produce problem:

launch kompozer
file>open web location>enter url of my webpage
page opens
edited page by adding a new link
saved file to my local drive
move file to webserver via sftp client (i tried with filezilla and the ubuntu 'connect to server')
reloaded page in firefox and received the http 403 forbidden error

again, when exact procedure is done with kompozer 0.8a2, i have no problems.

thanks, i hope i am not opening a duplicate bug report...i apologize if i am...

system info: lenovo t60p, ubuntu 9.04, firefox 3.0.11


  • Fabien Cazenave (kaze)

    Strange. Gotta check this.

  • Fabien Cazenave (kaze)

    • priority: 5 --> 6

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