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Amazon.com broke their interfaces

Amazon.com changed their webservices interfaces on me and broke backwards compatability. A new version of Kollektor will be forthcoming. Stay tuned...

Posted by master_daedalus 2006-07-07

Kollektor version 0.5 released

by Isaac E. Wagner
For latest version please see http://kollektor.sourceforge.net

Please Note: The database in this version is NOT compatible with previous versions. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Version 0.5
- Fixed bug in the lending library where it wouldn't properly return
the book
- Users can now enter either a UPC or ISBN in the search box
- Added edition field (note: Amazon.com does not currently
return this information, so it is not filled in automatically)
- Added MSRP field (US Dollars)... read more

Posted by master_daedalus 2005-04-25

Kollektor Version 0.4 Released!

by Isaac E. Wagner
For latest version please see http://kollektor.sourceforge.net


Version 0.4
- "Fixed" sizers so the window can be resized without causing
the controls to be damaged. There is still an issue with the window
blanking out when it shouldn't.
- Main window now intelligently sizes itself instead of a hard-coded size
- Fixed controls from flickering when an internet lookup was performed... read more

Posted by master_daedalus 2005-01-30

Kollektor Version 0.3 Released!

Here is the changelog....

Version 0.3
- Added settings dialog
- Load and store settings from/to database
- Proxy settings SHOULD work now
- Lending library controls now work

Version 0.2
- Added ability to look up book on Amazon.com

Version 0.1
- Initial release
- Able to add and modify books in library

Posted by master_daedalus 2005-01-04

Version 0.2 Released!

This version adds the ability to look up books on Amazon.com! Try it out! Enter an ISBN and if Amazon has the book in their database Kollektor will find it. No need to type all that info in by hand.

Posted by master_daedalus 2004-12-17

Please Help

Kollektor is still VERY much an infant, but I could use help in the way of feature requests. You can see where I am currently heading with the project if you download and run it. But, if you have suggestions for the far future then please post a feature request.

Posted by master_daedalus 2004-12-15

Version 0.1 Released

This program is far from complete. Right now you can save and edit book information. Coming soon you will be able to automatically populate book information from Amazon.com, and keep track of to whom a book was lent.

This program was compiled with Dev-C++ on Windows. It was written using a cross-platform toolkit, wxWidgets, so I'll release the Linux and OSX versions soon.

Posted by master_daedalus 2004-12-15

Getting Closer...

I've almost got the basic functionality implemented. It should just be a few more days.

Posted by master_daedalus 2004-12-09


Thanks for taking a look at Kollektor. I will be releasing version 0.1 soon, which will have all the basic features. Stay tuned...

Posted by master_daedalus 2004-12-06

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