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KDE is among the best software collections around the world. Windows, Mac OS X and GNOME could provide you with the basic desktop functions, but what KDE SC could provide you is much more than them.

KDE4 is a revolution in the history of computer desktop. It contains so many new ideas, new solutions and so many new functions. But when many people around me saw it, they think that KDE4 is not so easy to learn.

The official documentations will tell you all functions and all commands of KDE software, but it's not so easy to learn a software with such help documents. Some KDE software are prepared for special people. For instance, digiKam are for digital photographers. But the documentation of digiKam only cares for the software, but not photography while most books about digital photography introduce commercial software instead of the gorgeous free one.

I had this idea a few years ago and began to write something on the KDE userbase. However, the layout function of mediawiki is not so powerful, and to edit such documentations with both pictures and texts become not really easy. I had to also blame myself that I was too busy studying as a Chinese high school student and the project was paused a few times.

Now the KDE4.7 and KDE 4.8 has brought so many new functions. The speed of KDE development was so great! And now, I read the introduction of SourceForge and found out that documentations of Open-Source software are also welcomed by SourceForge. So I started a project here. I hope I could contribute to the world of open desktop in my way.