KOL-CE: 2.80.2 released

KOL-CE - Key Objects Library CE is a set of objects to develop powerful (but compact) Windows CE/Pocket PC/Windows Mobile/Win32 GUI applications using Free Pascal. The library is based on KOL library by Vladimir Kladov (http://kolmck.net).

KOL-CE 2.80.2 must be installed in unicode version of Lazarus IDE (0.9.26 or later).
Older versions of Lazarus are not supported!

-dDisableFakeMethod option must not be used anymore!
KOL-CE 2.80.2 will work with Lazarus 0.9.26 out of box.

List of changes in version 2.80.2:

* MCK: It is not needed to rebuild Lazarus with -dDisableFakeMethod option anymore. MCK is not compatible with Lazarus 0.9.26 release.
* MCK: Now it is possible to create new KOL projects and new KOL forms easily using "File > New..." menu item in Lazarus IDE.
* MCK: Patch by Carolos Foscolos. Use windres instead of brcc32 for creating icon resources. Now it is possible to set icon for TKOLTrayIcon in design time.
* MCK: Ignore design time form position and size for wince. There is no need to set defaultPosition and defaultSize properties to make form properly shown on wince anymore.
* MCK: Fixed visual glitches in menu and action list editors.
* MCK: Fixed issues with some CodeTools settings. Patch by Carolos Foscolos.
* MCK: Fixed TKOLImageList. Thanks to Carolos Foscolos.
* MCK: Fixed menu code generation.
* MCK: Add UTF-8 BOM to form's .inc file.
* ExecuteWait: Allow to specify empty string as AppPath parameter. In this case executable name must be specified in CmdLine. If full path is not provided for executable, it will be looked up in PATH. It works only for win32. AppPath parameter must be used for wince. Suggestion by Carolos Foscolos.

Posted by jura 2008-11-04

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