KOL-CE 2.80.1 released

KOL-CE 2.80.1 must be installed in unicode version of Lazarus IDE (0.9.25 or later).
Lazarus 0.9.24 is not supported!

List of changes in version 2.80.1:

* Compatibility with FPC 2.2.2+
* Added DisableAlign and EnableAlign methods.
* Fixed 3-state checkbox.
* Fixed ApplyImageLists2ListView by mdw.
* Fixed AutoSize for wordwrapped checkboxes and radioboxes.
* Fixed bug, which can cause random lock-ups of wince application.
* Fixed Clipboard2Text.
* Fixed combobox if USE_DROPDOWNCOUNT is defined.
* Fixed DateTimeFormat.
* Fixed DayOfWeek function. Thanks to JohnvdWaeter.
* Fixed ExecuteWait.
* Fixed Extended2Str for non-x86 by Bohdan.
* Fixed ini file saving by mdw.
* Fixed initial scrollbars stat in scrollbox on win32.
* Fixed LVItemHeight by Bohdan.
* Fixed MakeScrollable.
* Fixed ParamStr for wince. Thanks to mdw.
* Fixed RegKeyGetSubKeys for unicode;
* Fixed return value of RegKeyGetBinary and RegKeyGetDateTime when error occurs.
* Fixed setting Caption of owner-drawn menu item (bug #1829207).
* Fixed setting graphic objects properties.
* Fixed setting wordwrap for checkboxes and radioboxes.
* Fixed TColorDialog for wince.
* Fixed Text2Clipboard and WText2Clipboard. Thx to Carolos.
* Fixed TOnBitBtnDraw description. Thanks to Chainfire.
* Fixed visual glitch of autosized label with word wrap enabled.
* ifdefed OnTBCustomDraw for wince. Patch by mdw.
* Implemented LoadMappedBitmap, LoadMappedBitmapEx, CreateMappedBitmap, CreateMappedBitmapEx for wince.
* Made sources xHelpGen compatible.
* Optimized control alignment code. Alignment is faster now. Also it fixes problems when program is run in compatibility mode on devices with square QVGA screen (320x320).
* removed err.pas until it will be FPC compatible.
* Removed OnDropFiles implementation for wince.
* Removed TMMTimer for wince.
* Slightly improved speed of auto sizing.
* Slightly improved speed of control creation and auto sizing.
* MCK: Added public property TKOLToolbarButton.OnClickMethodName.
* MCK: Fixed AV error when dropping TKOLForm component and projectDest is not set.
* MCK: Fixed code generation with different Code Tools options settings. Thanks to Carolos for patch.
* MCK: Fixed installation and usage in the latest revisions of Lazarus.
* MCK: Fixed menu editor.
* MCK: Fixed problem with codetools formatting. Patch by Carolos.
* MCK: Fixed streaming error while saving form with TKOLImageList.
* MCK: Forms other than main form are not visible by default.
* MCK: ifdefed TKOLForm.closeIcon generated code for wince.
* MCK: Published more event handlers for TKOLDateTimePicker.
* MCK: Regenerate code when assigning some event handlers for a form.
* MCK: Replaced all AnsiCompareFileName to AnsiCompareText. It fixes wrong path related errors. Thanks to Carolos.
* MCK: Support for unicode LCL.

Posted by jura 2008-08-02

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