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 INSTALLATION 2006-07-14 diogenesx [r33]
 createPasswords 2007-03-22 diogenesx [r188]
 finesScripts 2008-03-31 diogenesx [r477]
 fixChildrensCards 2006-07-14 diogenesx [r33]
 fixPasswords 2008-03-31 diogenesx [r477]
 koha-simulate 2007-01-03 diogenesx [r88]
 koha-tools-classes 2007-02-08 diogenesx [r132]
 koha2libki 2008-08-21 diogenesx [r548]
 kohaBar 2007-03-23 diogenesx [r195]
 kohaBar-daemon 2007-11-21 diogenesx [r354]
 kohaOfflineCirculation 2008-08-12 diogenesx [r543]
 kohaReports 2008-09-04 diogenesx [r550] Added totals to the report.
 marc-tools 2008-07-31 diogenesx [r531] changes to call number patterns for Stone & Lin...
 winnebago-to-koha 2008-07-29 diogenesx [r530] Updated for Linesville patron types
 wordpress-plugins 2007-05-16 diogenesx [r231]
 COPYING 2006-06-15 diogenesx [r1]