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+<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
+<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">
+<LINK TYPE="text/css" REL="stylesheet" HREF="../fpdf.css">
+<TT>MultiCell(<B>float</B> w, <B>float</B> h, <B>string</B> txt [, <B>mixed</B> border [, <B>string</B> align [, <B>int</B> fill]]])</TT>
+<H4 CLASS='st'>Version</H4>
+<H4 CLASS='st'>Description</H4>
+This method allows printing text with line breaks. They can be automatic (as soon as the
+text reaches the right border of the cell) or explicit (via the \n character). As many cells
+as necessary are output, one below the other.
+Text can be aligned, centered or justified. The cell block can be framed and the background
+<H4 CLASS='st'>Parameters</H4>
+Width of cells. If <TT>0</TT>, they extend up to the right margin of the page.
+Height of cells.
+String to print.
+Indicates if borders must be drawn around the cell block. The value can be either a number:
+<LI><TT>0</TT>: no border
+<LI><TT>1</TT>: frame
+or a string containing some or all of the following characters (in any order):
+<LI><TT>L</TT>: left
+<LI><TT>T</TT>: top
+<LI><TT>R</TT>: right
+<LI><TT>B</TT>: bottom
+Default value: <TT>0</TT>.
+Sets the text alignment. Possible values are:
+<LI><TT>L</TT>: left alignment
+<LI><TT>C</TT>: center
+<LI><TT>R</TT>: right alignment
+<LI><TT>J</TT>: justification (default value)
+Indicates if the cell background must be painted (<TT>1</TT>) or transparent (<TT>0</TT>).
+Default value: <TT>0</TT>.
+<H4 CLASS='st'>See also</H4>
+<A HREF="setfont.htm">SetFont()</A>,
+<A HREF="setdrawcolor.htm">SetDrawColor()</A>,
+<A HREF="setfillcolor.htm">SetFillColor()</A>,
+<A HREF="settextcolor.htm">SetTextColor()</A>,
+<A HREF="setlinewidth.htm">SetLineWidth()</A>,
+<A HREF="cell.htm">Cell()</A>,
+<A HREF="write.htm">Write()</A>,
+<A HREF="setautopagebreak.htm">SetAutoPageBreak()</A>.
+<HR STYLE="margin-top:1.2em">
+<DIV ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="index.htm">Index</A></DIV>

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